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Maharaja Ranjit Singh and The Battle of Attock

Under Maharaja Ranjit Singh's command, the Maratha Empire showcased formidable military strategies during the Battle of Attock, not only securing a decisive victory but also reshaping the geopolitical landscape of South Asia for generations to come.

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Importance of the Day 27th Week In History

Welcome to HinduInfoPedia.org's exploration of historical events during the 27th week of 2024, emphasizing the "Importance of the Day 27th Week." This series delves into pivotal moments that have shaped Indian history and had profound global repercussions. Join us to examine significant occurrences and understand how they continue to influence our present and future.


Maratha Confederacy and Third Anglo-Maratha War

Delve into the Third Anglo-Maratha War's profound impact as it signified the end of the Maratha Confederacy and ushered in British dominance. This pivotal conflict reshaped India's political terrain, extinguishing the era of Maratha power and setting the stage for British colonial rule, fundamentally altering the nation's history and governance.