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Extremism, the 7/7 London Bombings and Global Terror Infrastructure

On July 7, 2005, London's public transport system became the stage for a devastating display of extremism. This blog post explores the intricate terror networks behind the bombings, their impact on global security, and the ongoing struggle against terrorism that challenges the international community to enhance cooperation and protect civil liberties.

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Importance of the Day 23 June: Air India Bombing of 1985

On 'Importance of the Day 23 June,' we reflect on the 1985 Air India bombing—one of the deadliest aviation terror attacks. The event underscores the crucial need for rigorous international security measures and spotlights ongoing governance issues within Canadian handling of terrorism and political dissidents.

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Jammu and Kashmir: Massacre at Chapnari

The haunting valleys of Kashmir, where global jihad has intensified local conflicts, revealing a complex history marked by political maneuvers and territorial disputes since the 1947 partition. This essay explores how global jihadist movements have woven into the local fabric, complicating peace efforts.